Today is a Saturday, nth much to do so i was goofing around in Starbucks as usual cause internet at home was not able to connect. Sth wrong with Streamyx or the port probably so there were alot of times especially at night the internet weren't able to connect. So today i was at the same place, ordering the same favorite drink and sitting down blogging. Well the weather over here i pretty hot at the moment. Sun is blazing and shinning brightly. No signs of raining anytime soon at the moment.

Sitting in front of me now is a lady with her kid a cute boy. The mum asked if she could sit at the same place as me as i was alone and plus i was sitting at a comfortable sofa seats. So i told them to go ahead and sit with me. The lady, all of a sudden asked me if i were the same girl sitting here last night. so i said i was and she told me that she were here also yst and that she were sitting outside with a bunch of friends and one of her friend asked her to check me out =.=! cuz he thinks dat im HOT! and then dat lady were telling me when they passed by the mirror outside the place im sitting the lady's friend said 'there, there, this hot chick. Check her out'. Then this lady said that she will definately tell her 'dat friend' that she is sitting in front of me now.. HAHAHA!! i told her to send my appreciation in his compliment.. Well!! its a courtesy to say thank you if someone gives u a compliment rite?

I can't stop wondering and thinking abt the plans that I'm about to carry out. I have alot to accomplish in a very short period of time. But by God's grace im sure that i'll definitely achieve all of them. Seems like everyone is either busy with work, or shopping today and im the only one that is too free to actually sit around here and blog.. But hey!! if not for blogging i dun think thr's anyting more that i could do. Parents went to work early in the morning ady and internet is not accessible at home, so i rather waste my time here blogging and enjoy the environment at Starbucks.

Im daydreaming the day while listening to my fav blues and jazzz.... (LUMzzzZZzz mode)


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