Dat day on the 2nd, Parkson Grand is having its 22nd anniversary and whoever is a Parkson Grand Member as well as Bonuslink Card holder gets to enjoy 22times of points. Me and my parents went to Gurney straight after their work cuz mum needs to buy a Sanuk shoe that is a creation of a doctor hich is proven effective in healing those patients with problematic legs (posture oso can). So mum asked me to buy one also since im having some problems with my leg oso. So i bought one oso.. Its not really fashionable type of shoes tho but its good for the legs and alot of testimonies has proven that it really works.
*the shoe is called 'FitFloop'.These shoes are specially made to fit ur feet and u cant buy anything dat doesn't suit ur feet as well. if u're a size 6 u need to wear size 6. nth more or less than that.

So cuz its 22times of points that can be collected, i 'sun bian' went for shopping spree oso lar. Bought quite a number of good stuffs oso lor dat day. Such as my beautiful bag. From Giamax. Altho i never reali heard of it but then i googledit and found out that it is actually a local designers item. that has 38 years of legacy as well. Not bad for a bag. but its not bad as well. This bag is on a 70% discount so i was not hesistate to buy it.. Oh! and yea mum bought one too.. heheh

*this is mine and mum one's are as below. hahahahaha... This looks quite elegant so i juz grab it without a 2nd thought.

So me and my parents went shopping and grab a few household items as well. But we spent everything plus dad's things and household items and plus with our 'barang-barang' almst to 1.4k. but then everything is worth buying on that particular day cause everything u buy is on 22times points and this means 1k equals to 22,ooo of points oso... hahahahahahahahahhah. Dat day is our family's happiest day as its been years since we buy sth so happily.

Oh yea. my luggage which i bought it at very very cheap price. its really worthwhile. So dat day it also helped and served me alot. cause all shopping items i juz put it into the luggage. The most heaviest lappie oso into the luggage. So convenient.. hahahahah....

So if anyone missed the members day that day, too bad for u cuz the 22times of points is only for that specific day. Oh yea forgot with anything u purchase RM150 and above u are entitles for a RM10 voucher. But now u can only get the voucher's i think for cosmetic purchases only and no more for apparels ady... Too bad cuz dat day is really a vy vy good time for u to purchase everything till CNY oso.. even year end sales might not be this good.. hahahha

Anyway this is the end of my shopping spree post for today.. till then.. love u all who is reading this.. =) hope u enjoyed it


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