Notice the date, it looks almost like the 9/11 date rite. Today i've been sitting in my dad's office as usual but at least it should be better then staying home alone and wasting money by going outside on9-ing in cafe's whereas internet here is totally free and only i have the access to it.

Today is as usual a boring day for me. I felt like a handicapped people when im not working or doing anything except eat, sleep and surfing the net everyday. Gosh!! i wish tat time will fly by fast so i can go and start my studies and end faster for me to be able to come out and work again. Dun feel really comfortable tho without working. No income coming in means no expenses that can go out. =.=!! I still have some leftovers in the bank tho luckily. Afta paying for school and other 'chaplang' stuffs im not left with much but still thr is some lar. I can feel the pressure of competing once again. I love having loads of challenges cuz my brain tends to wear off when i dun often use it for thinking. U knw when u dun really use ur brain for thinking u tend to get more and more dumb. Dat's wad i feel ler.

Today my body feel really restless eventho i get 8hrs of sleep. I woke up feeling a huge burden on my head dat makes me almost fell on the floor, leg was so weak and my eyes could hardly open. Well! i really do hope that in time to come i will b able to keep myself buzy with school, music and church. Oh!!! not forgetting my photography. I'm gonna brush up on that.

Ok now wad's missing in my list.. Let me list down and see which one is still missing since 2007 until today.

  • Lappie
  • Mp3 player
  • Cam kit lens / flash
  • Polaroid choco
Well all these im gonna work hard to get them. Plus its gonna b a challenging time for me within this 1yr's time. Juggling with studies and my future. Oh Lord! pls look afta me and make sure everything is going smoothly and according to ur will.


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