today is the 6th d and now only im starting to blog abt things that happened probably a week ago.. hahahah... been going out and having vy good food alot since i came back to Penang and been putting on alot of excessive weight. HAHAH~

have been to my friend's birthday party a week ago.. Wow~ the size of her house is darn big.. hahah. never knew tat she moved ady till i was invited to her 21st party.. hahah. btw here's a Hapie 21st Burffdae to my beloved Yik chuen aka pikachu (nickname) during high school days.. hahahahha

Let's wish her hapie 21st buffdae.. hahah i mean Belated 21st buffdae.. hahahahah. She had two Siberian husky in her house.. man dat's so cuteeeee.. i love Siberian huskies!! Dat nite i went quite late tho. but still i had loads of fun.. meeting friends dat is like haven't met for ages.. and epecially Missy Feng dat lose alot in her weight. (Almost din recognize her) hahahah.. she is almost perfect if she knw hw to dress up.. hahahah... well!! here's the pics fr most of the events day nite. all unedited cuz i still havent buy the editing software yet.. heheh~

This is the consequences of being late for a party. So YC and Joe decided to punish Serena by crowning her the Honour of being 'Birthday Princess' .. See her face.. so GAM DONG!! So as a morale of this story, don't ever be late for a party, especially a good friends one if u dun wana end up being in a spotlight.. HAHAHAHA.

This is the crowning glory of a Princess dat eventually got on my head.. hahahah.. Well!! since alot of ppl knw me by the nickname PrincessV.
4 vy close, BISING, SIAO and Kapsiao friends of mine. so far yet so close. ~heaps

~ this is two of my fellow CBW-ians.
Family picture of all of us.. plus a few tat has ady gone bk so no pics ~sob,sob... But this is the loudest and craziest gang in CBW batch 2005. We'll miss u all and friends 4eva.


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