Im back in Penang after a whole week break and vacation with him. Finally i can get my hands on blogging. How was Cny my fellow readers. I certainly had the best one this year. I went to KL with him and his mum n sis. We went on 19th and came bek on the 23rd. Tho we had so little time for shopping but being with him and being able to spend tat little time with him is worth anything and everything i sacrificed for. It was worthwhile loosing a few days of salary rather den not being able to b with him before he leave.. Oh yes, he's goin bek to aussie tmrw. saddddddddzzzzzz.....Yes, im reali sad and din feel like letting go, did wished time wud stop or even turn bek but then i knw he'll b back for me and i will b here waiting.. Well, its onli gonna b abt 9mths more bfre i can see him again wad.. Time wud definately pass so so so so slow without him being here with me.

Now since its lunch time i took this time to blog abit here n thr. Dear if you happen to look at this post here's a few things dat i wud like u to knw..

to b exact we are tgther for 1mth and 24 days now. Days with you are the most happiest time i ever encountered in my 21years of my life. Being so used to ur presence around me for exactly 55days and on the 56th day having to bid u farewell definately is the worst day of my life.. I did expected a day like today ever since i fell for u and i ain't afraid cause i knw u will b back for me. Tho u're still dat lil boy in my heart dat i kenot avoid not being worried abt. Rmb when u're bek thr drink alot alot alot of water since the weather is gona b freaking hot as it's summer.. if u ever fell sick pls go and get some medicine.. Now, i wont b thr to Nag u anymore when u din take those medicine so pls pls pls rmb to take those medicine when ure sick. If u need advice on medicine u can alwiz ask me and i can giv u the name of the medicine suitable for u k? Alwiz bcareful no matter where u go and rmb to finish reading and implement the contents from the book. i'll send u another edition if i happend to spot one.. =) i dun reali know how are u feeling now, are u the same like me or worse.. i juz knw that as the days of u leaving is closer, the more i want to spend those precious with you. Tonight will b the final night that we will b seeing each other physically till 9mth's later. Im starting to miss u so much now eventho u r still here. U made a huge impact in my life the day u walked into my life and its a good thing and a good start to everything for me. Thank you so much for these memorable days u gave me and i know there is more to come.. Take care, study well and definately all the best in aussie..i love u dar, gonna miss u alot bt then i'll b visiting u soon.. =) loveee uuu bubu




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