Today was a really stressful day and the only time i felt free was the time when i cn finally go home.. The moment i got into the car, all i think of is faster getting my ass home to skype with him.. Today there were so many work piling up my table n people can even hardly see me frm the door.. Imagine how much of work to b done..

Boss gave me a suggestion ( more of a, temporary person to help out ) to do sales.. bt yet the offer for the salary and commision is yet to b finalized.. i m stuck in btween now.. i cant decide on wad to do as i have targets which is kinda impossible to hit every month.. i nit to lead a team.. and tat means die oso faster.. Bt then i think eventho its impossible bt at least each month im earning a lil bit more than the fixed pay im having now.. Since i have a motive, sacrificing abit wudn't hurt..

Each night i wud b awaken by nightmares.. i cudnt reali have good sleep lately.. been under so much of pressure.. Blood pressure even went up the other day when i went for checkup... sigh~

I miss him so much now.. Its been a week now without him here.. Bt life has to go on right.. At least im now not alone anymore.. i have him to fight with me. Life tho is gona b tough for me in days to come, i will still b able to smile after work... cause i know i have him there to cheer me up when i open up my lappie.. i know dat even everyone in this world abandoned me.. he will oso b thr for me.. So wadever im goin thru i knw, he feels it too.. I cant thank him enuff for evythng dat he has done for me.. Bt then, he knows as well im doin this for us.. i love u kent win


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