Good morning fellow readers.. its the 1st day of Chinese New Year and Love is in the air this CNY as Valentines day fell on the same day. So im here to wish everyone a prosperous CNY to all my readers and may the year of the Tiger brings you and your family loads of good luck, wealth, great health and good omen. As for those couples who will also be celebrating Valentines day, Happie Valentines day to all of you ooo.. Specially i wud like to wish Happie Valentines day to my special someone, my boo my dar.. lub lub.. thank you so much for those flowers and the card u surprised me with which turns out to b a failed suprise. sori i was reali blurr dat time i din knw the card was thr.. =.=!! but this valentines day turns out to be the best one in my life, tho simple but then it comes from your heart which meant alot to me. And im happy to have you thr with me for Valentines day. Another 1week more and i'll b bidding u bye bye.. i have so much mixed up feelings now, sad and happy as well.. I do hope that you will b able to take gud care of urself thr. Bi wont b thr to take care of u like i do over here anymore.. whenever u're sick dun forget to get medi frm pharmacy ok.. u r like a lil kid.. alwiz nit me to worry ard about u.. i think my role is more like a mummy den ur biie.. =.=~ Anyways i'll b strong here and focus on the necessary things i nit to b doin here and so will u when ure thr k.. i wan c gud gud results oooo...

Ok, ennuff crapping d.. i wan go pom pom in a while and ftch mummy to work d.. So to all my fellow readers Have A Blessed Chinese New Year and drink loads of water since u all will b digging in those chinese new year biscuits... Love u all.. Mwakxxxx


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