wow.. it seems dat i have not been touching my blog for quite awhile now.. hahah.. so now gonna do some quickie updates.. im in a hunger mode now.. juz ate apples for dinner.. =.=!!

ok, so this is a post abt my bday celebration dat had juz passed. I had a splendid and reali memorable party dat day.. its not reali a party dat is made for me bt then it was an awesome party dat i cud say, amazing. i had early dinner on 24th at Tao's restaurant with my parents and a few others =).. We had a great time snapping pics and eat..eat...eat... tho i din reali eat alot.. ON DIET ma.. So my parents gave me the key necklace on dat day while my godbro gave me angpows lor..

After dinner i was supposed to meet a bunch of frens in HR dat nite bt ended up din go as frens din have a confirm answer as to wer thy were goin. So i went to UPR with Kent win while waiting for suesan.. Too bad nicole din came with us but the its a good thing she din came cuz we were like, went home super late and the next day she nits to work summore.. hahah. So when we reached it was kinda early still i guess cause thr were no traffic jams thr. We went to sega to hav a drink 1st while suesan took her time coming with the beloved so called Hiao Kang bro.. hahaah
den we were like chatting chatting chatting and camwhorming <-- as wad i did usually, chenchen called and ask wer was i.. after a few minutes thy appear in the toilet and gave me a cake.. how sweettttt... i was like so hapi cuz horrrr, ppl so wu sim.. gam dong lar.. hahah.. after dat when san reached we went to Mois.. Its packed and we hardly cud get in there.. bt luckily san met one of her frens dat bought us in. Then when we were inside we waited for table cuz all the tables were like full.. =.=!!!! bt surprised dat the club is not reali packed until like sardins..

while i was on tehe way inside i met sarah, hot mama dat i knew in starbucks.. on thing funny was we alwiz bump into each other no matter wer we go.. its like ady been more den 4 times ady.. i guess this is wad i called fate.. hahah

Afta dat san tiok hilang go to duno wer liao, so i remained thr with Hiao kang 1, Hiao kang 2 and ah boy. hahahha... u guys mz b wondering who is 1 and two.. come let mem introduce.. hiao kang 1 is our beloved shane koh while hiao kang 2 is no other den kent win.. hhaha.. wey~ this post is juz for fun nia arrr.. dun keep in ur heart arrr.. i guess when the liquor arrived on our table we took almost half hour to finish it all.. i drank like errrr.... 3 neat glass of dat liquor.. so tak sedap.. yuck!!!.. hahahah den afta dat of cuz time to dance liao lar... Met cat thr, my beloved dance partner.. used to dance sexy dance tgther laz time.. hahahaha.. she's still dat good..

met javon thr as well.. he was like so high.. ahahahhahahhah..

den after dat suak tiao.. (end ) so all go bek home.. hahahahahahah.. no more updates liao..
i malas mau write oso.. mayb see mood.. if good tmrw update more abt the next day mia gathering with the gals..

i cudnt bliv in one day i bcame the hot topic of the day.. hahahahahahah... notification full till inbox nit to delete.. =.=!! anyway love ya'll..

mishhhhh euuuuu... <3


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