Went to have my usual facial in gurney few days ago. It was supposed to be the last one ady but bought another package for maintain purpose. Acne is still not really cleared fully, so i guess another few times shud do the trick ba.. if not im reali gonna cry d.. After facial guess wad my parents did, thy brought me my bday gift, and to mark my 21st bday this year.. thy bought me a key necklace with a love design on it.. its not cheap but then i really love it. This is my 1st burffdae prezzie from my parents and mum said she'll keep till its my actual date onli den she'll giv it to me.. Wasn't able to take pics of the necklace tho, bt nvm lar... will post it after my bday. Nth special to other ppl bt then its a token of love frm them to me.. so it meant alot to me.

Well, im on a strict diet now, means no rice, no-flour contained foods, no junk foods... STRICT NO NO for about a mth... i am only allowed to take lean meats, lotsa vege's, fruits.. Dat's all.. Bt for the time being b4 my bday i got another extreme kinda diet.. My secret ingredient...shhhh~ i hope by doing dat it works.. i've been doin serious workouts these few days as well.. hope all these will turn to be good results for me.. i've been working reali hard to achieve this.. pls dun fail me..

Seems dat most ppl are on holidays now, and im stuck at home.. bt well, its good too as i dun reali have the mood to go out as well... i juz feel like lazy-ing on the bed the whole day.. starring at the computer.. doing absolutely nth except workouts.. dats all.. even with my bday ard the corner, i have no mood at all to celebrate it.. i do have a list of wishes tat hoped to be granted this year, but hopefully Santa would be kind enuff to grant them for me.. i've been a very good gal this year.. so pretty puleezeeee Santa..

My brain is not functioning well these few weeks.. its going haywire and the screw is getting loose.. HaiLat lorrrrr~
im writing this blog in a half conscious state.. cuz i'm sick at the moment.. my eyes are almost closing now bt his face is clearly in my mind now.. i miss him so much as days goes by.. i can't seem to get him out of my mind and i can't forget him. y does it have to be so hard.. bt im still hoping for the best to happen.. im still waiting~ and will keep on...

counting till xmas ~ 7 days

days b4 the end ~ 62 days... =(


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