2009 is coming to an end now, what hav u all achieved so far within this year. I know that i have achieved some things and lost some things as well.. Well! in life there must b a gain and a loss to make life balanced rite. Well i had let go of all my past and from tomorrow onwards i am a new person. New life, new beginning, new determination, new resolution as well as new Me♥.. I had learn a lot from the past that makes me wiser each day. Altho i am still not perfect and still at times repeat making the same mistakes, bt still non of them were purposely done.. I have had a great whole December with memories dat will lasts a lifetime, a great best buddy to stick by me at all times when i, feeling down, a loving parents and probably you♥.. What more could i ask for? i had almost everything dat a girl wud have wanted. Money is not reali dat important except when it comes to paying bills, daily expenses, feeding ur car with either 95 or 97 ( still prefer 95 cuz its cheaper and it makes no difference frm 97), or mayb when u wanted to buy dat LV bag.. hahaha.. oh mayb money might b important in life as well cuz nth in this world is FREE, for dats wad i know.. hahah... bt money is not important when is comes to happiness, cuz no money cus b able to buy u those priceless happiness.. ppl did told me, happiness is when u buy stuffs u like, yes i do agree on SOME part but not all.. den wad do u think abt this "does money ever buy u those so-called-happiness when u r diagnosed with disease that not even money cud ever cure u, or when u r breaking/divorcing with ur partner dat was caused because of money.. the lists will go on and on and on.. bt im juz lazy to list it down. Well, at times i do have my own financial problems which does give me a pain in the butt, but then i choose to live my life happily knowing tat tmrw might b my last. Well, i appreciate every single moment i had without hesitating doing things i like cause i never wanted to make myself regret when i looked back one day.. The only thing i did regret was not being able to provide a better living for my family. I was rebellious, playful and selfish while i was in my teens. I never ever cared about anyone else other den myself. i used to scold, curse and even steal.. all juz for the fun of grabbing attention. YESH! i am an attention seeker laz time.. i believe some of u who is reading this blog might also or been in my shoes before. But since i had changed, i believe that U can too.. All it needs was some experience and u will learn and grow up in no time.

Now for my brand new year in not more den 48 hours, i do wish dat i had a BF.. hahaha.. well since i knocked so hard on the floor pavement yst, i guess the wire is still kinda loose in my head..
so juz ignore this sentence.

Well, i did wana blog abt how much fun i had with the girls on 25th in Tao. but first and foremost i wud like to thank u all for the lovely prezzie.. i am using it now and i appreciate it vy much. Wad a smart idea of getting me a purse since im gonna b using it eviday, this will reminds me of u all. I do actually hope u all enjoyed the red wine and the night. It was kinda simple cuz i din actually planned out anything.. but i was reali hapi to have u all there. Thank u all for the great bday.

ok im getting more and more heavy while blogging, i wonder was it bcuz i juz had brunch or was it bcuz of the fall yst dat makes my head sot-sot at times. hahah.. well, it roughly abt 2mth's more before you will b leaving me. i wonder till then what is goin to happen.. i dare not think, i dare not ask, i dare not even dream abt it cause im scared. i am enjoying each and every moment i am having right now and its too beautiful if someone were to take it all away.. i duno y hav i fall so hard but then im happy as long as i know you are happy. ur smile is the onli things dat makes me meltzz
♥ u might not b dat perfect to others but then i like u juz the way u r. Bear that in mind. You are alwiz perfect juz being urself.

okok here will my New Year resolution be..

  1. Achieve a good result in my school and be the best student in whole M'sia to get at least that two title i have been aiming for.
  2. Get a Bf, (in the midst) hahahahhaha
  3. get bek to my ideal figure i had 2 yrs back.
  4. Earn more money so that i will be able to at least not worry about my financial.
  5. Blog more.. hahahah
  6. Do more for myself, Him and my family..
Ok basically i guess this is wad i figure out so far.. i might add if i could think more. Bt then mainly my target for the whole of next yr is 1st and 3rd. The rest is rest assured dat i will work hard for it to happen. If this is what i want, i will need to work hard to achieve it. Ok i guess enuff of saying d.. i think i will blog more in a few days to come about NYE's celebration.. till then.. bye bye...

PS : if u dun like wad i wrote.. u can juz FUTT off..


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