28 October 2009

I had just rebuild my blog and everything here is new.. i have erased everything and
now to set things at point one. The beginning. But then things aint that bad oso, at least i get to write my new inspiration. I'll b growing myself actively in blogging from now on since i had managed to get a new lappie.

Since i came back i have been very close to my family comparing to last time. Being in Kl is a huge challenge for me cause i wasn't earning much in Standard Chartered altho the pay there is way better comparing to salary that I am offered back in Penang.

But one things i hAd learn over the years in Kl was being able to b independent. It comes naturally when u're far away frm home you tend to get independent easily. Altho i still couldn't adapt to the fact that family was far away from me and i need to do all the laundries and cooking myself but all these has taught me to grow up. KL is not so far from Penang but then, being the only child ever since i was young and having to be away from my parents wasn't that easy for me as well. But last time i was rebellious so i never understood the meaning of living alone outside. Now having to be able to taste the salt outside wasn't that bad for me. Hey!! at least i get to experience real meaning of life right.

I was happy this few days cuz i actually met up with an old old friend that i never spoken to for nearly more than 3 or was it 4 years ago. And we hav slowly patching things up and i was quite glad to be able to meet her again. We are frequently smsing each other and we did also meet up whenever possible. I guess that both of us might had already grown up and let go of the past. It was quite silly tho when i think back abt the things i had messed and screw up at school last time.. hahah.. but still it was memories.. all those laughters and fun that i used to have during school days.. hiak hiak!!! Oh! btw, my friend, Charissa managed to find a few pics while we were in kindergarten.. wayyyyy so cuteeeee... dat time i guess we dont even know the meaning of Boys or even $$ yet.. Its amazing how ppl grew up so fast.. and these pics were classis i would say.. hahah

Try your luck and see if you could find me. hint* my looks never really changed.

Well! Im planning to continue back my studies but im actually quite unsure abt my plans at the moment. i tought of taking up course in culinary arts as i have a desire to cook and b a chef but then a frieind of mine told me that your interest might not end up to be sth dat u like. She did told me the pro's and con's of being in the kitchen and i did had toughts about it but it weren't as wad she said it would be. She did told me this and dat as she was studying in HnT line in KDU. She told me the fees are freaking xpnsiv and its not really worth it. But then wad can i do other den studying sth dat i like? I'm not really good in numbers so i cant go for Accounting or sth dat related alot to numbers nor can i go for sth dat is related to science as im not gud in Science subjects. FYI i flunk in kimia and add math.. =_=!! i like music but then i dun know any of the instruments and my voice is not dat good. I like designs as in architectural or interior but then my family can't support me in that as thy are financially not stable and thy think thr's no future in dat (in M'sia). These course costs alot as well. Mom suggested me to b a beautician but then in long term i plan to migrate to Aussie and beautician is not really needed in the country. Whereas chef is different, but then im really not sure if this is what i really wanted or is this what i can really succeed in doing.

Decision making is not that easy, since you are someone that had made $ to earn a living and nw you're sacrificing everything to go back studies where that means limited $ for you as part-time wont even offer that much. I have a car to pay, facial product that is not cheap to buy( i can't use cheap products as my face is sensitive) - Kanebo is not bad. my face improve alot after the facial treatments and product im using. Oh! yea, i had just invest in not so cheap make-up products which won't damage my face easily. BTW, girls don't use cheap shopping-mall-u-can-find facial products (neutrogena, bio-essence etc etc.) if u don't want to spoil your face in long term. Not to say its really bad but then those u can find in Giant or sth like Watsons is all lower range products so that's why it costs not that much. If u want to really have good and nice complexion you need to invest in better product. And better means more costly. Luckily i have my mum and dad to sponsor me for the 1st time. but after that i would need to buy myself. Kinda sad cause i know i wont be able to afford as it costs $500+ for the whole set. I really need $$$$. But im glad and blessed to have such a good parents. Thy had pamper me alot ever since i came back from KL. even in Kl i wasn't being pampered so much. Made me really feels like home once again. I still remember how mummy used to pat me to sleep everyday when i was small and how daddy used to being me out wherever he go, how mummy used to beat me until i cry bcuz i was so naughty that i only realize them now the reason behind all of it. Daddy used to let me piggyback ride him when there were those stage performance where i was too short to even see them. Now its my turn to fetch them wherever they want to go and help them as much as i can and by God's grace hopefully financial will turn out to be good for our family and i will be able to let them have a good living and no more worries.

Im so sorry that im still not able to sort out the financial for you guys. but i really appreciate everything that you have done for me. No one can compare to the love that both of u have given me and the pamper that you have shown me with. Thank you mummy and daddy. I love you so much.


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