Since i cant online at home i came down to Sunway Carnival Starbucks my usual place to on9 and blog. I just had a big buffet steamboat at Seoul Garden at AutoCity with Yuet Li just now and managed to take some pictures fro the AutoFair. Alot of cars in display but only a numbers which is nice only. But one car that attracts me the most is the car which the whole interior is in LV design. Cool car!! and another car that caught my eyes wud be the car in HOT PINK!!! ok i guess i better upload the pics for viewing better.. hahahha *This car's interior freaking nice, all Lv design.. but fake Lv lar of cuz

*This car damn cun wey~ its myvi but modified till the front looks alike to honda city the older version ones..
*The back. See how the muffler and the sound system is... Damn cool..

* This Honda-City's Rim's caught my eyes and i decided to capture it.. unique and nice.. but i bet its heavy..(wonder will it cause the car to consume alot of oil)

*Banana Car

*This car cool. Kancil

*Altho i duno wad car it this but it's trying to imitate Lambourghini. And frankly its really cool.

*This is a three wheeled motorcycle. Very nice.

*This old car (volkswagon) i think.. Is from the company clarion. Specialize in Audio system. The car oso like one.

*Cool rite.

She was looking at me but i wasnt close enuff to capture her.. LMAO

*Tadaaaaa.... This is one of the car that caught my eyes. HOTPINK and its freaking nice.

* Rmb the car i was talking abt with the interior of LV's. This is the pillow..can't really capture all cars due to time limitation but then the Auto fair this year is abit better than last year's cuz there are more cars tat is AT LEAST nicer to look at. Bt then i did like the car's there. Anyway there is a Miss Mean Machine Pageant competition held tonight to award the beautiful girls (don't really think is dat beautiful excet for a few only ) for the title of Miss Most Sexiest, Miss Most Elegant and Miss Most Cutest. Anyway I am just a simple blogger with my own thoughts. If u feel offended by my blog, probably u shud just leave. HA~
Till then..signing off as PrincessV..

XOXO Love U all


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