I'm BACK!!!

it really feels good to be back as a blogger after so many months of not blogging. And now im starting everything anew. this means new blog skins and new pictures, new direction.. in short ' NEW'. Good news is that i might be continuing back my studies in sth i desire the most. That's a good start. And the second thing is life has never been better and im blessed everyday by God's grace. Things has been really smooth for me all these while. But today, FB is kinda in a haywire situation. So can't really FB today but i did find some really pretty cool things to do other den facebook-ing. ok i am not in my dad's office doing practically nth.. been having a great whole three weeks since i came back here.. funnnnn. and guess what i gained so many ctra weight since i came back here. good food.. good rest.. phewwww right now im trying to save back my face which is full of impurities due to congestions.. so been alwiz going for facial past two weeks.. so dat explain the red marks as well as the pimples on my skin.. darn!!! but in a few mth's time im sure its gonna get better.. =)
Theres a few things i missed when im without an internet

  1. Facebook-ing
  2. Shoutout aka your daily dose of fun... =)
  3. all my shouters shouters sekalian
  4. my readers (which i guess left d cuz my blog has been filled with spider webs)

But nevertheless.. im gonna keep updating my blog frm time to time now.. and mostly will be abt while im in KL, and when im bk in PG.. kekekzzzz....

till then adiossss!! love u all


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