please save me

nothing ever goes right.
i tried to stay positive...
i tried to avoid thinking nonsense..
but i don't know why i am not able to stand up.. not able to pull the strength out of myself..
everyday i need medicine to calm me down, to keep me laughing and happy..
i feel like a drug addict now.. i need all this pills to let me go to sleep.. i need all this thing to make me a human which at times i feel like im being controlled by them.

im happy on the outside but i am not on the inside..
i got no true friends that loves me,
i don't feel love anymore..
words from my parents crush my heart, they dont seem to bother or care about my situation anymore..
friends are never there when you need them or thy're just avoiding you...
work is alwiz something you think it might take your thoughts off all the unhappy things but this work is not.. its giving me more mental issues..
love life on the other hand.. i feel im destroying it bits by bits..
nothing seems to go right.. everything is goin the total opposite of wer its supposed to go..

my head is spinning so hard now that i feel vomitting..
running on slight Fever,
my eyes are so sore due to massive crying...
my heart feels so empty..
my head is filled up with thoughts of dying...
i am so depressed now..

i don't feel like how i used to feel the world anymore..
the world seems so meaningless to me now..
i feel so tired of crying almost everyday..

12hours at work,
3hours in a day having meals,
1.5hour a day taking bath,
1.5hour a day driving tru n fro from work,
1/2 hour applying medication on my F ugly face,
and the rest is taking my medicine to go to sleep...

i don't know what to do anymore.. i feel like ending all these sorrows in my heart once and for all.. if there is anyone out there that can save me, please tell me.. cause i don't want to wait anymore.. if not i just want to go in peace.


  • Anonymous said...

    hey darlz...
    dun worry...if u need someone to talk to..n if u dun mind..ask me out! let go for a drink...
    text me o msg me on fb alrite??


  • wS said...


    I hope this will help you.

    There have been times in my life
    when all seemed lost.
    Life just wasn't worth living
    through another day.
    Then you need to remember things
    that are important to you.

    For as low as we fall there is always
    something or someone, somewhere,
    to help pull you back
    from the deep pits of darkness.
    Once you feel yourself slipping
    grab on to that something or someone.

    We wonder why life has given us such
    a bad deal. This is not to question.
    Love, Hope and Faith will guide us.
    Look around and find the things
    you need to live for.
    If we look hard enough,
    we will find the place we need to be.

    Hold on for your loved ones,
    hold on for yourself. God will take you
    when he needs you. Until then
    make the most of what you have.
    Give the most that you can,
    love the best you can,
    And never lose hope.

    Each morning you wake up
    Thank God you are still alive,
    to live another day to find your way.

    Life is truly worth living for, if you look.
    Find that place you need to be
    And just hold on.

    Smile because you deserves to =)

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