am i really down with depressions??

a few of my closest friends asked me,

'why are you so quiet and looked lost lately? you wernt like this laz time.. are you alrite?'

I wish tat i would be able to answer them this but however i was asking myself the same question too. each day literally i had those thoughts of ending everything in my life. I cried almost every single day without a reason. I would be happy now and very upset the next minute. You can see me talking to myself at times, you can even see that my eyes dun seem to have a life in it. Im practically a dead walking zombie that has just lost its soul. I looked up numerous psychiatrist that is available in penang, but each time im wondering.. if i go.. what should i say. im tired of alwiz having the thoughts of feeling insecure and wanting to die. im reali goin mad.. its juz a matter of time i reali did that. im tired n sick of al this.. bt im glad parents dun knw bout this. at least thy dun have to worry

i wish i was in Aus now. i really need him.. bt i knw its impossible.......


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