I know tomorrow i wont b able to blog. so I wan to dedicate this post specially for u since i doubt u'll b able to read it today or tomorrow anyway. HAHA! So this will b ur 1st bday im gonna celebrate with you.. and i hope u like wad i planned for u and the prezzie i gave you.. frankly this is the 1st bday party and 'present' dat i ever gave a guy.. hehe.. u're the 1st.. Hope this makes u feel special.. I did planned sth for ur bday at 1st bt too bad u knew it ady so it doesnt reali seems like so special to me anymore.. tho this party i planned out for u is very simple and i dun reali knw if u'll like it bt then i hope u did enjoy..

too bad that after this thr will b another 2 weeks bfre u'll b leaving bek Perth.. im gonna b like missing u madly.. bt then i knw life's gotta go on and as i promised, i'll work vy hard to b thr when u grad.. and oso to go on vacation with u without worries.. =)

u knw sth.. life fr me changed since the day u stepped into it.. i knw thrs alot of dissatisfaction in me that still needs improvements bt then the next time u see me, i'll make sure u'll b satisfied with the change aite? bt then no matter what and no matter how far the distance btween us can be.. i will alwiz b here waiting..

i dun reali have alot to write here den to hope that this is a memorable bday for u. hope u like the preparations we all did for u and the gifts i bought for u.. i love u my dear. may u b blessed in everyway u wanted to b. muackxxx... finally. happy birthday my dear. i love u


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