Im bek after a few days missing from blogging.. reason being cuz im buzy coping with my tight schedule.. Plus i am sick at the moment, due to.. well who knw's wad.. it might b stress, or mayb lack of rest or mayb due to the rain i caught the other day.. Lame rite..
I am so dead and freaking tired.. But i reali am very happy these few days.. after a battle of decisions and alot of obstacles.. we are finally together. Good thing is, our anniversary date is the easiest to rmb, 1st.. hahaha.. Well the other day i thought that my NY wish wudn't came true bt then he made it possible for me. Things has been goin smoothly these few days.. He's so sweet to me, altho he teases me as usual.. His mouth are like laser.. tsk tsk* bully me bully me.. hahah.. bt then everytime when he teases me, i never got pissed off instead i laughed and laughed and laughed.. and we both are like cat's and dog's in the office.. and his sis wud b laughing and laughing and laughing juz looking at us both..

A few days before we went for a movie tgther with liang, lynn, min, hsien, houngzai as well as yee chen.. we went to watch the vampire's assistant.. Its not reali a bad movie tho, quite entertaining but not reali those type of movie i would considered reali reali caught my mind. heheh.. bt goin tgther with a bunch of frens, den its a diff story.. I reali had great time and lotsa fun with all of them and especially when he's there.. Good time alwiz fly by fast, and probably in less than two month we will not b seeing each other till end of the year.. I'll then b bz with studies as well and i guess he will oso b the same.. Tho i know i'll reali miss him bt then i still support him no matter wer he might be.. You know, its not reali an easy thing living alone out there where your closest family might b who know's how many hundred thousand km away from u.. I had my own experience living alone outside and to experience wad real life is.. so i understand his feelings being out there.. Tho you might hav frens but then nth compares to those dat you grew up with.

Oh yea, btw.. dun ever go to equatorial hotel's buffet.. it sux to the max and its not worth even a single cents u giv out.. the foods are not hot enuff, the taste are OMG!! i dare not describe.. and so far my experience as food lover and critique.. this is the worst one i had. Even those buffet in a malay wedding taste better than the one i had.. only a few dishes dat are still eatable.. We went tgther with his sis and two frens of theirs, whom i dun know.. haah..

I appreciate those time, every single moments dat i am with him.. He might b at times abit playful but then he treat me reali nice.. i cud juz say that he suits every single points im looking for in a man. He is reali straightfwd.. and i mean really!! but then i rather dat he was dat way than someone who lies without even blinking their eyes.. He's a guy i can reali see a future with.. Who know's how long we might last, who know how long that we are gonna live, mayb we might even die tmrw.. bt then.. i appreciate each and every single second with him.. i will never let myself to have the chance to regret later on..

i know u might b reading this, so this is sth i want u to knw.. sometimes i might not turn out to be someone u alwiz dreamt to have, im not perfect and might never be.. i will still try to b someone prefect for u eventho u never ask for.. thank u so much for all those laughter's and joy dat u brought into my life.. thank you for those warm hugs and words dat u said.. thank you taking care of me and showering me with all the loves i can have.. thank you so much for being thr for me whenever i needed someone and lastly.. i know at times i might b a pain in the butt because of my attitude which is abit rough compared to other girls.. im sorry for that... you know, u touched my heart in many many ways dat you never realized and all those are things dat meant so much to me.. tho its has onli been a few days but then it felt like years to me already.. i want u to rmb this, 也许我什么都没有,但我会吧最好的都给你。i love you Kent Win..

Well my buddy is bek in Penang today.. can't wait to see her.. hahahha...


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