Im stuck at home as usual and tmrw i'll b heading down to the island to work d.. packed packed packed schedule frm tmrw onwards.. say bye bye to freedom days.. bt then im reali looking foward to work cuz i feel i've been wasting too much time lazying at home. At least when i work, thr's income dat comes in rite.. tho its not alot but then i gained another new experience plus, i get to see him thr.

Im sitting in my dad's table blogging, and juz finished with L4D game juz now.. Omg!! my pimples is popping out one by one.. die die die.... so sad. will b heading down to penang later to meet Jacky and KW as well..

This image is being taken as a result of too much of 'sien-ness'.. Wahahahaha..... wish me luck tmrw in work, hope things goes well.. luv u all...


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