today is the 2nd day of 2010. well, first i thought that my wish wudn't cm true until yst. now, all things had fall into place and the next thing im concentrating on wud b my career. I'll b starting work next week and same goes to my studies. So it will b a whole packed-like-sardines week for me starting Monday.. I still need to find time to continue my facial as well.. and im still trying to find the slot to squeeze it in. sigh~ ok let me make a simple version for u all to c how my schedule wud b starting next week..

from monday-friday ( 9am-6pm) ----work, work,work..$$$
sat & Sun ( 11-6pm ) -------study,study,study..... (=.=)!!!

Ok.. now i can't reali figure out which slot i can squeeze my facial treatment and my sports in.. (=.=).. facial's last appointment wud b at 6 and i cant reali see any time for me to squeeze it in.. nvm.. no worries.. i knw i wud hav time.. sports wud b hangin in the middle as well since its gonna b night most of the time when im free.. xcpt if i go hiking on weekends and after dat go to school straight.. den shud b ok dat way.. haha.. we'll see how.. hahaha


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