i tried my very best not to think..
i tried not to show how much im hurting inside.
bt then there were times i juz cudnt hide those feelings.
i cried alot.. i laughed alot..
and it was all just because of u...

i don't dare ask for more..
because these moments meant so much to me..
i wudn't wana destroy it..
i rather keep myself in silence...
and enjoy every moment tat im with you..
before the day u walk out of my life for good..

i still rmb those kisses..
i still rmb those laughters..
i still rmb those hugs...
i still rmb those lame jokes..
that we used to share together..

love is pain.. it is not a fun thing to do..
but then i loved the way you love me..
i know how much i needed you..
i know how much i wanted you..
i know how my world wud b without you..

im sorry i was being reckless..
im sorry i was being stupid..
im sorry i was alwiz careless...
im sorry i wasn't understanding enuff..
im sorry for not being PERFECT enuff..
im sorry for all these, but i juz cudn't get u out of my mind..

each day dat passes by..
i hope and wished upon a star..
that one day you will come back to me...
i wish dat we cud b together...
i know i was being selfish for having these thoughts..
LOVE, has alwiz been selfish..

each time when u're with me..
i wished tat time wud juz freeze..
i hope time wud go slower..
so that i cud c u longer...
when its alwiz time to bid farewell...
i alwiz cry inside cause i still haven't had enuff..

im sorry if i ever did anything wrong..
im sorry that i never let u know how i felt..
im sorry for all those silly mistakes that i did..
im sorry that i wasn't the perfect one and might not be..
im sorry that i made u worry..
im sorry for everything...

even writing this i cried alot..
these words juz flow out so smoothly...
mayb its just sth dat alwiz had been in my heart..
i reali tried very hard to let you know..
i tried my very best to show you how much i love u..
i dun care how much pain im in..
i dun care how much tears i shed..
i dun care if i was ever happy...
you know how much i wanted you..

but nothing cud ever compares to how much happiness i felt..


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