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hey, im back blogging again and the good news is im not going Ipoh anymore cuz i'll be staying here to continue my course instead.. yippieee =) (common let's celebrate, celebrate.. yuhoooo)

Ok, now for my 1st thing that i need to do before 2010. Loose 10kg's. I tell u it ain't gonna be easy u knw.. gaining weight is goin to be a piece of cake but not when u wana loose them. But, i bet with someone to loose by then.. so Be it!!! heheh..

Some of u might wonder y my post title is as wad above is, cause actually i am a shouter myself and its kinda sad to see more and more ppl left shoutout cuz thy no longer thinks its fun anymore. Most of those people that was in shoutout is bloggers themselves. Hehehe, someone did ask me before why i still stayed, its actually very simple, cause i actually feel that shoutout is not like any other common chat room wud be. They feel like a family to me. Shoutout has different shouters from across whole M'sia and not forgetting there are shouters from different countries as well. Well, ever since i became a shouter i did c alot of changes being done here and there, and its goin to be sad to see shoutout to go ( KabOosh!! ) because tak ada traffik.. hahaha

well honestly, because of shoutout i did made alot of friends from different states, different races and different perspective, not to mention different AGE.. for a person like me, i hardly make friends cause mayb people dun reali like me dat much. But shouters dun care who the hell u might be, they juz accept u for who u are.. Altho there are shouters who beh syok here and thr but its doesnt onli happen here lar, outside oso can happen lar.. But i still stayed with shoutout cause i feel happy talking to knw shoutout is no ordinary chatroom, its actually cool for people who likes to interact, but at times i'll just lurk ard and c wad thy're chatting on. thr's PIC's comment oso available now and the current hottest topics in shoutout are GAMES!! Guy's.... haihzzzz!! tho i loves games but then i dun think im dat crazy over them, so tak ngam topic.. hahahaha... but wud love if i can join them in their game.. hahahahah.. looks fun. well!! Sounds fun...

Shoutout has alot of different types of ppl, there are IT genius, fashion freak, emo shouters, photo kaki's and alot alot more.. u name it yourself. But sadly alot of these people no longer has the interest to shout anymore, and thy left one by one. Some cuz found new website d, some working and no time and some other reasons lar.. Still there are shouters that are still there till now. And thy are the active ones..

Well!! i missed alot of the gatherings tho, but due to insufficient members, we cant really organize SOYEG 2009 this year. Sad... =(

Well... whether you have the same opinion about shoutout as me, you be the judge. Honestly, i feel shoutout can be the best group of friends i known. *better ask lasker to organize more gatherings.. hehehe.

(this is a personal post, not advertising purpose...) hehehhehe =) byeeee


  • Lasker said...

    Wahh! Thanks thanks thanks :cuddle:

    Congratulations for choosing to stick by Penang ... haha. Means we get to organise gathering liau.

    Alamak, we talk about games because nobody else is talking about anything else mer. You start a topic la .. talk about perfume or shopping :good:

    Haha .. thanks again PrincessV, :)

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