April is coming to an end

I have finished training and will officially b on the floor picking up calls starting Monday onwards.. gosh!! kinda nervous bt then im looking forward to it.. Well, sooner or later its gona happen oso rite... so might as well face it earlier n get used to it.. Im gona make sure i hit all my targets so that i can b converted into perm since now im onli under contract.. kesian =(

well, it has been quite a tiring week for me.. lately i realized i went to bed straight after work.. i dun feel like goin out, not even on weekends.. i have been exhausted, stressed up and definitely putting on weight since i joined Dell.. hahahha... good foods from the bosses and vendors.. if i dun watch out for my weight i guess by the time my bf come back, he wont b able to recognize me anymore.. T.T

good news, my face is recovering frm the massive breakouts.. im on medication for the past one week and the result is clearly seen.. let me see.. i guess apart frm the skin medication, the sinus medication is oso almost finishing soon d.. after another month den im medicine-FREE... no more annoying pills for me dy..

i reali dun understand how come lately i am so so so afraid of cold.. the other day during training i nit to put on two jackets n shiver while the others are feeling kinda humid n hot cause the temperature is ady 25.. =.=!! thy were like ' ey u got problem kah.. we so hot u so cold =.=!!'

im sooooooooo tired... i guess tmrw i will continue blogging more.. nite nite


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