its been more than 3 weeks now that he's been away from me. i miss him alot bt then his annoying-ness still lurks ard cause we are msn-ing and skyp-ing everyday.. Well~ cudn't reali say that he's really annoying cause dat is wad cheer s me up when im facing any problems or when im feeling reali stressed out about work. Well, at the current moment im just waiting and see if i could get the offer from Dell, cuz if its possible probably i'll b jumping over to Dell. I need a better future and career that i can actually earn money.

Im a reali avid reader of motivational books so there is this one particular book i read before which has a few questions that you need to write an answer. I came across one question that goes like this. 'Where do you want to be with your relationships in five years?' and guess wad answer i wrote then, (happily married with the person i'm with right now. Earning stable income with a house and car's for each. Traveling every half year to European countries..).... hahahAHAH..

ok, i am practically dreaming cause its almost bed time.. =)

ok i am reading book now lar.. ish.. and i just found out that im someone that can be described as High Conformity which is a person who likes to follow the crowd, they want to be liked and may tell you what they think you want to hear.. ( i guess ).. ok i have to read alot of things..

hihz.. i've been like so depressed and down lately.. i dun even know wad am i so stressed out about. I feel so restless, body feels so tired and i am alwiz like so moody.. i wish that there were days where i can juz lie on the bed and not move for whole day.. it feels so comfortable sleeping and listening to music and doin nth at all. lazy lazy lazy.. im so lazy bum.. no wonder all these excessive fats gather in my body.. Dar is beginning to complain liao abt me being fat.. =( so now is diet time for me.. heheh dar dar has been vy notty lately.. alwiz suan siao me.. hng.. PIAK*

till now i still cant stop loving tik tok frm 2pm bt then another song has been added into my list.. forever in my life by jojo.. really nice songs with really great lyrics. i wonder what is dar doing now.. probably he's watching the turtle clip i just posted up.. u knw lar.. guys just bein guys.. tsk* tsk*

darrr... i miss u alot u knw. Bt i din sneeze alot d eh lately.. u boh miss me liao arrr?? well, you're pretty bz with school and im bz with work oso d. You knw, each time whenever i go, i'll make sure either lappie is with me or my mobile is.. cuz i wana b reachable when u need me.. =) im now listening to jojo and i recalled times when im with u, those time when we're laughing away like nobody's business. HAHA... those moments are priceless.. priceless!! haah..

Well, lately i've been having problems sleeping, relaxing and even letting myself go. each time when i were to rest my head on the pillows, the thoughts abt having to wake up tomorrow and dragging myself to work is so so so so awful. I hardly go out for lunch.. hardly have lunch to b exact cuz im so lazy to go out and eat and come back without parking, bt most importantly, i can't find anyone to have lunch with. Gosh! feels so lonely... missed old times when im in SCB. I dun reali knw how come my whole shoulder was so stiff.. the other day when i went for checkup.. even the doc need to calm me down and ask me to relax cuz im like so anxious and whole body feels so stiff.. at times when im sleeping, i cud wake up all of a sddn in the middle of the night finding myself in tears and i dun even knw why that happened.. i guess it might b a reali bad dream.. i have been in this situation for more den 5 times this past two weeks. can all this juz stop now.. i wish dar was here to hug me to sleep like alwiz.. i miss darrr... mayb i am reali lovesick..


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