it often is a very normal things in a rlship wer two ppl argued about different opinion, argued about what colour the living room should b painted, what car shud thy buy if thy wana have children half of a football team or probably what shud thy name their kids. arguments at times are a method to learn abt each other's different thoughts and to understand each other for the better. Bt then if an arguments that often occurs is a rlship, its also not good. Arguments often leaves sadness, hurts, scars and feelings of disappointment if its not properly settled. Often in a arguments either party will b left crying or probably either one will juz break the word and break up. Relationship are something more alike an embryo forming into a fetus and growing into a form of a baby. a rlship takes time to grow, love to nurture it, understanding to mold it, trust to giv it life and each other to make it work. But it also take seconds to destroy it. Its not easy to find someone who can truly understands you, to accept u fr who u are and to love u fr who u will be. It takes two hands to clap and two ppl to make it work. Same like how a baby is formed, by an ovum and a sperm, combined. Love can be a very beautiful thing human being can ever experience. The only thing is how you make the best out of it. Learn to appreciate those around you before you loose them and onli then you realise.. it might already b too late.

Love is the next best things anyone cud ever have. I didn't say everyone might enjoy the feelings of love cause there are many brokenhearted ppl out thr as well. Bt ask those ppl who are in love, what will thy say?

Seriously frm my point of view, love is the onli reason i still live. because with love thr comes HOPE, FAITH and BELIEVE. each day i live hoping dat i cud have another day with the person i love, each day i hold on to faith knowing dat we will never be apart believing dat we alwiz have each other. But at times, i struggle with myself cuz im loosing faith cuz im scared.

The thoughts of death is alwiz haunting my mind knowing dat sth is wrong and im avoiding it. I put on a smile, tuck myself to bed each day, praying to God, thinking abt the memories i had with tears flowing out.. i said goodnight =)

Its almost 1 now. I still cant sleep. Bt tmrw is the 1st day of work for me. i got to get some rest as well. Im so scared right now.. This is the 1st time i feel like im alone in this. I loose my faith. I wish that thr were sth dat i can do to fix all this. I want things to b perfect, flawless.. bt then i think i am pushing things too hard and it made me push other more important people away frm me. I feel im being really selfish dat im giving the person i love the most a burden. being emotional most of the time IS giving another person a burden. don't deny this fact bt then is the truth.

Well, life's dat hard, what choices cud i possibly hav? I'm starting to feel that i am someone who gives more pressure and trouble to others instead of helping to take them off. I seriously dun knw what good can i do? i juz knw each day this thoughts come across my mind.. is it because im lonely, or is it because i feel left out? the stress in my life is getting more n more heavier. i wish there was sth i could do. bt im too weak to even hold on to myself yet to do it alone......


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