have not been blogging for the past few days now.. well been kinda bz lately with work.. i was kinda occupied most of the time either with works or sleeping.. and not forgetting of cuz my baby.. hahah. we juz had dinner with my parents juz now after work and had a long chat, which onli now i found out dat our grandparents were friends.. =.=!!

i duno why, i cant reali sleep now, but i guess dat he's fast asleep or mayb he might b in his dreamland by now. well, good for him then.. all i want is for him to have a peaceful sleep as he's not reali feeling well oso these few days.. bt now he's feeling better d.. i am so happy that i get to stay with him as often as i cud, cuz he'll b goin bek to studies after CNY and i wil onli get to meet him probably this year end.. as much as im gona miss him.. but i still have to go on and work work work my ass off... so if im lucky i might earn enuff to pay him a visit or probably attend his convocation as well.. =) at the moment im so addicted to tik tok by 2pm.. mayb cuz its the lyrics and the rythm of the songs dat got me so crazy over this song.. another song im oso crazy abt is over u by weesung.. this two are great song.. but now i'll paste the translated version of tik tok.

<3 <3

Nobody knows
How I want you like this everyday
Every time I embrace you behind the stage
My heart bursts

We greet each other awkwardly in front of people
But when we turn away, I'm the one who knows you best

I can hear more loudly in my ear
what you say with your gaze, that's right
Your desire for me, your thirst
We go crazy for each other like this

*That I love you secretly
That you're really my girl
Drive me so crazy every day
I just want you, you this way

Come here tik tok tik tok tik tok
When I see you tik tok tik tok tik tok
All day tik tok tik tok tik tok
My heart tik tok tik tok tik tok*

Nobody knows
That you and I love like this every day
There's no room in my heart for anyone to come in besides you

Tik, I knew from the beginning
Tik, there was something about you
Tik, in that gaze you stared at me with

Tok, For your exhilarating love
Tok, I'm always thirsty
Tok, I keep searching for you secretly


You're my only star
No one knows about anything, don't worry
Look at my eyes, I'll protect you
I'm by your side, just like this

It's our secret, it's our secret, its our secret
It's taking control of me

Escape everyone's eyes, spill the burden of our relationship onto me
In my dreams, I hold onto your hand proudly like everyone else and walk
In my busy day, my work, dreams and everything else are forgotten
By our love going tik tok like the hand on a clock that doesn't know how to stop


Tik tok tik tok tik tok (x4)

well... all i can say is this songs sang out everything my heart wants to say..altho i juz saw him juz now.. i miss him badly now.. i duno why.. and i hear fireworks outside.. freaking loud.. i guess its frm the temple opposite my house.. how i wish we were at a ground rite now while i sleep on his chest watching the starry starry sky filled with millions and millions of stars. well.. i guess i got to hit the bed now.. tmrw is gonna b another day for me.. nitez peepz... nitez dar


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