my face is red and im down with slight fever..

these few days i've been having insomnia. can't sleep well, kept on thinking abt alot of stuffs.. my body is tearing apart yet my mind is still so wide awake.. i'll be starting my course next january ard 4th but due to insufficient place fr me and a student so our class is only 2days a wekk till march.. and frm monday till friday will b off and sat and sun will b d day we're having class... so im planning to take part time job to at least lower my burden for the moment.. i got too much to do and i need income coming in as well. xmas is coming d and i hav yet to plan out anything.. for this special day of mine, i dun reali wana clbrt with anyone excpt one particular person. but still the more the merrier rite.. heheheh...

been into korean songs lately, influence by si lang kent.. hahah..

but seriously its reali nice, even if u search in youtube, you'll love it cause of the meaning. i dun know abt those ppl out thr but then at times i feel the meaning in most of the songs xplains the feelings in my heart.. probably diz is y i love these songs.

well i guess blogging to me nowadays has been more like a personal journal for me to express my feelings.. bt still whenever thr's other things to blog abt im sure to blog abt it oso..

past few days old illness visited me again.. yea, the kind which reali likes to let u feel wad hell is abt kinda illness.. its back... argggghhh~ hate nia. i've been listening to the same song for the past few days while having a kinda sad feelings inside. i wan to find someone to talk to but i dun think anyone will b able to understand, so i guess keeping it inside is the best choice.. no matter how, at least im still smiling for those ppl i love.. u knw lar, girls pandai emo wan lar.. bt i guess im good in hiding my feelings cuz i dun think any1 realized it, except for nicole.. cilaka nia! all oso knw wan...

its not easy to put on a mask infront of everyone, its not easy to tell ppl u're ok while ure not and definitely its not easy to find a shoulder to lean on for u to weep. bt at least i can b hapi whenever i told myself, 'there's still hope'. i've been relying on the word 'hope' all this while.. 'hope' is wad keeps me strong for these two month's.

but, i smile whenever i see u smile. =)


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