i feel like privatizing my blog.. i feel that i dun really have privacy whenever i blog. I've been having a shit hell of a time, messed up in emotion as well. I don't feel like im someone i used to know. I don't feel happy and i feel like a prisoner in my own world. Friends asked me if i was happy with the way i am now, i pause and was wordless. I don't know how to answer them. The only thing running in my mind till now is, 'AM i HAppy?'.

I've been coming to Starbucks everyday, surfing the net everyday and the only thing i feel im comfortable with is surfing the net and blog. But i couldn't really blog about almost anything cause my blog is a public blog. Last time i did thought of making my blog, well at least famous but now this blog has become more of a personal journal to me.

I actually wanted to live in a world of my own, i feel its more comfortable this way. I haven't been sleeping really well cause i have alot of problems which is troubling me and its only me dat could actually solve this problems. I don't want to tell or being questioned for what is wrong with me as it would stir up my temper.

i dun know wad to doooooo


  • Jade.Phoenix said...

    i understand how u feel...that was why i stopped blogging for quite some time...but i just can't resist the temptation to blog..to say whatever's in me..to release everything...and that's why im back blogging..perhaps we need to control emotions or, blog abt our personal matters in an indirect way..don't make everthing so clear..anyway, it's a good idea to privatize it tho...

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