today im not really doing any updating. just some random posts that's all. Yup im in starbucks again, drinking my Fav classic chocolate. Taste different from previously method of doing it. Heard from suesan dat wen's uncle juz passed away peacefully after a period of fighting with cancer. I hope that wen will be able to stay strong despite circumstances. Juz like her to knw that everyone is here for her.

sigh~ its so boring. i juz came back from facial treatment as usual in Gurney. Had dinner with parents just now in Tao's and after that lepak in Starbucks for a while. Its goin to rain soon. I also gotta leave because i did not bring my specs out today. So clumsy of me. so now im having a lil blurry vision while driving. so gotta be extra careful.

While i was otw back frm penang to oto CT, a myvi juz HAD to race with me. i did not knw he wanted to race until he actually tried to hit my car (not actually hit juz imitating), so i got furious and chased dat car... we were practically racing till we went on separate ways after reaching B'worth. But my car is safe to race cuz i just got my wheel balanced and alignment done.

P.s : i got scolded by my bf for racing just now... =.=!!!

but then.. racing was kinda fun.. hahahahhahaa.. bt its really dangerous cuz a slip of a finger and u wud have been dead.. So dun race..


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